Arson Dream Meaning – Top 5 Dreams About Arson

Did you dream about Arson? Arson represents unexpressed rage and an inner desire to sabotage your own or other’s people’s potential success. You are likely to be extremely envious of other people’s good fortune. And you are secretly angry about life and the environment you are in. This rage may one day consume you and propel you to make wrongful judgment calls.

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Dream About Witnessing and Seeing Arson

To see and witness someone committing arson in the dream, denotes that your desire to not defend the status quo or system. You wish to see the downfall of your enemies and competitors. Perhaps that you are frustrated that they do not play fair. You hope that they will be caught and reputation ruined.

Dream About Committing Arson

To see yourself committing arson and setting buildings on fire, reflects some release of your anxiety over the situation. May you owe money or mortgage that you cannot afford to pay. Your temper is close to being out of control. It is making you make either impulsive and highly planned decisions to get out of your situation. You wish to destroy something so that you could start over again.

Dream About Being a Victim of Arson Attack

To dream that you are a victim of arson attack, foretells that your business and career will be sabotaged by someone with ulterior motives. Someone is bitter and jealous of your success, and they might make your life suffer when they find your weakness.

Dream About Arson Fraud

To see that someone or you are trying to commit arson in order to profit like through an insurance fraud, is a sign that you will find certain loopholes in waking life make money and gain an edge. Particularly, the dream indicates that someone has taken advantage of you in the past. Now you are turning back and get your fair share. It could also suggest that you are suffering some type of unrecoverable failures or losses. You are taking extreme or perhaps illegal measures to get back on your feet. The dream could relate to intentional and strategic bankruptcy in waking life.

Dream About Arsonist

To see arsonists in the dream, points to anti-establishment movements like protesters. Someone is trying to deliver a statement and narrative through drastic measures like worker strike or intentional sabotage. Pay attention to see the motive and motivation behind the apparent rebellious actions. So that you could decide on a proper measure to put out these resistances while they are easier to tackle.

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