Personalized Dream Interpretation Request by Veronica 3-13-21

“I dreamt that I was married to my last son’s father and we were sitting in the livingroom talking. Later on he was in our second bedroom talking and playing with a baby i just became aware of. I joined him. I don’t know if the marriage or baby has literal meaning. Please explain”

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Dear Veronica:

To see an ex spouse as a divorced wife or divorced husband in the dream, is a reminder of your past mistakes. Pay attention to the message and actions that they are taking in the dream. Perhaps someone or something in waking life is reminding you of him or your son.

The baby relates to new beginnings, projects, and endeavors. In this case, it can refer to the life that you have had with your last son’s father. It could also point to the new lives that you both are leading at the moment. Learn from your past so that you can make better decisions in the future.

The dream could foretell that you will find new connections with people who reminded you of your ex.

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