Bartender Dream Interpretation

Did you dream about bartenders? To dream that you are a bartender suggests that you want to escape from the demands of your daily life.

When you dream about being a bartender or others becoming a bartender, always consider the waking life scenarios. For example, if you are really a bartender; then the dream of being a bartender will have zero to no deeper meaning. It is a simple reflection of waking life. Then you may have to take in other symbols that appear as a part of a normal working daydream. Consider the type of drinks that you are working with, ice, wine, or others.

If the bar where you are bartending is empty and you are only surrounded by the bar and alcohol, it suggests that you are creating a barrier for yourself to avoid contact with others or avoid doing something.

If you dream about drinking on the job as a bartender, it suggests that you want to get secret perks from your waking job.

Dreaming about friends being a bartender, it warns that the friend may not be a trustworthy person. He or she will spill your secrets. The friend can be unreliable and share your information freely with others.

To see a bartender working the bar generally in the dream, it represents your own relationship to alcohol and how you socialize with others.

Dream ABout Bartenders

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