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Did you dream about menus? Menu in dreams refers to the different life choices and costs that you associate them with. It’s a symbol of the value you are placing on things. These items give you nourishment and joy in waking life. Depending on your interaction and context with the menu in the dream, these are some of the most common interpretations.

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Dream About Seeing Menus

Dream About Menu Without Price
To dream about seeing a menu without prices indicates that you aim for experiences or things without regard to the price. Perhaps you have placed important value on certain necessities or luxury, that you must have. You will either do everything it takes. Or you will go for it and worry about the consequences or costs later.

Dream About A Long Menu
To dream that you are ordering in a restaurant and that the menu is long and hard to read; suggests that decisions and choices in waking life are overwhelming you.

Secret Menu

Dream About Hidden Menu
Dreaming about hidden menus suggests that some choices or options are not clear-cut. Consider asking for opinions and advice. Look deeper into the situation. Perhaps you have unique solutions that will not present themselves out in the open. You cannot get those solutions unless you really understand the background and the people surrounding it.

Negative Dreams About Menu

Dream About Confusing Menu that You cannot Understand
To dream about not understanding the menu items while reading a restaurant menu; indicates that various options in your life are puzzling and confusing you. This dream represents your confused state of mind. Perhaps you do not understand what life has to offer. And you do not understand the associated prices with all of your choices.

Dream About Menu Without Anything You want
To dream about a menu with food items that you do not want indicates that you feel disappointed. You are not content with the options available to you in waking life. You feel that the world is forcing you to pick the lesser evil out of your choices.

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