Abyss Dream Meaning – Top 5 Dreams About Abyss

Did you dream about an Abyss or a bottomless pit? It is an indication that you will come to terms with something, knowing that some events cannot be really concluded nor projected. It represents certain obstacles that seem to have no solution nor ending. You simply have to accept the problem being unsolvable.

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Dream About Intentionally Entering an Abyss

To see yourself intentionally jumping or entering into an abyss cave or pitfall, is a sign that you are taking the plunge into the unknown. You are ready to face down your fears and explore the depth of your emotions. Perhaps your curiosity is outweighing your fears. You are finally taking a chance at discovering how far and deep you are willing to go.

Dream About Accidentally Falling Down an Abyss

Accidentally falling down an abyss, is a sign that you are entering a period of depression and anxiety. Similar to a black tunnel dream, but instead you go down on a negative spiral. You are likely to feel and stumble into a situation that you believe is pointless and full of despair.

Work deeper within your subconscious to find the light. You will need that glimpse of hope. Get help from others to pull you out of the seemingly unending fall. Consider using this time to calm down and explore your deepest fears and depths of your mind.

It could also foretell that you might be falling into some type of financial scam. Be wary of pyramid schemes, predatory credit card debts, or payday loans. These are abyss that you will have time climbing out of.

Dream About Avoiding Abyss

To see yourself avoiding a deep pit or an abyss in the dream, indicates that you are aware of the unknown. Yet you are not willing to take any risks. The abyss represents hidden traps, dangers, and risks that have not been realized. And you may never know what lies beyond until you push yourself beyond the boundary. The dream is a signal that you prefer to be better safe than sorry.

Dream About Dropping Items Inside an Abyss

To dream of dropping items and objects inside an abyss, symbolizes property loss. You are putting things and money into places of no return. Think twice before you spend any more money on questionable endeavors or investments. As you may never see those assets again.

Dream About Looking Into the Abyss

Looking into the abyss in the dream, signals that you will experience grief and panic. You may soon go through a period of confusion and bewilderment. Particularly, you might be wondering about death or the hidden feelings and fears associated with mortality.

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