Trade Tariff Dream Interpretation

Tariff in dreams typically suggests that you are not comfortable to compete with other people in certain area, and you seek protection and assistance from authoritative people in life. Below are two more dream related scenarios for tariffs.

Dream About Rising Cost Due to Tariff
If you dream that your cost of business is higher because of tariff, it suggests that other people are taking advantage of you. You will spend more effort to achieve your goals, while accomplishing the same results. As a result, your endeavors will result in less profit and monetary reward.

Dream About Your Items with Tariff
Dreaming about your products being slapped with tariff for another country, suggests that you will lose in an argument. You might be fighting with coworkers for a chance to work on certain projects, and others will get the opportunity or promotion instead of you.

Dream About Tariff Free
To see tariffs being removed in the dream, suggests that you will be open to more competitions. Perhaps your competitors have had some form of handicap over the years, and those handicaps have been removed.

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