Coma Dream Meaning – Top 6 Dreams About Coma

Did you dream about coma? Dreaming that you are in a coma and unable to move or express yourself, indicates your helplessness and inability to function. You are totally depending on someone else and feeling impotent to change anything. You may be aware of your surroundings, yet everything will feel unreal and dream-like.

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Dream About Someone in a Coma

Dream About Someone in Coma
To dream that someone else is in a coma, it could suggest that someone is unresponsive to others. You are trying to get your points across and get someone to act. But that person will be ignorant and inactive, as if they are sleeping in a coma. Perhaps that someone is deeply hurt somehow. Being withdrawn is their way of healing and protecting themselves.

Dream About Taking Care of Someone in a Coma
Seeing yourself taking care of someone else in a coma at home or at a hospital, suggests that you are feeling out of contact with someone that you love or care about. However, you are only scratching the surface and taking care of basic needs. You lack deeper levels of communication with the person in the dream. Your words and actions do not affect others on a deeper level to create meaningful interactions.

Dream About Being in a Coma

Dream About Being Conscious in a Coma
To see or dream about being conscious yet in a coma, reflects that you feel paralyzed to the current situation that you are in. You can see and feel what is going on around you. Yet you cannot express your ideas or thoughts to others. You feel that others are passing you by and ignoring you.

Dream About Wake from Coma
Dreaming that you are awakening from a coma, indicates that you have become more aware of the situation. It signals that perhaps you will start to take the initiative of your life. You are no longer hiding and inhibiting your own success. You are now realizing your full potential as if you have wasted all the time before.

Dream About Coma after Accident

If you dream about being in a coma after an event like a car accident, reflects that you are not prepared for major changes that are happening around you. You are admitting to your weakness and inability to carry out important issues. You have been traumatized to give up fighting, and let others do what they will with you. Perhaps you do not wish to take responsibility for any further actions and you are detaching yourself from the circumstances.

Dream About Medically Induced Coma

Dreaming that you are in a medically induced coma, foretells that there is an opportunity to take time off to hear yourself. You are aware of what is wrong with yourself emotionally and physically. Perhaps you do not know the exact path towards healing. So the dream indicates that you will seek outside professional help and adviser. You are likely to place trust that others will do their best to help you. Try to leave your mind open and not to think too deep into the painful experiences. Time away will have a high possibility to mend all wounds.

Dream About Coma

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