Clapping Dream Meaning – Top 10 Dreams About Clapping Hands and Applause

Did you dream about applause? Applauses in dreams typically refer to the sign of luck in personal life, it signals popularity, fame, and being adored by many people in the community. Below we will go through more specific applause related dream meanings.

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Dream About Receiving Applause

Dreaming that you are receiving applause as a celebrity, indicates that you will receive acclaim and recognition. You will be acknowledge for your hard work and good results. Others will start to notice about what you have achieved.

Dream About Vote with Applause

To dream that you are voting for something by applauding, indicates that you are showing appreciation and praise through your actions. The dream suggests that you are trying to direct and encourage events to unfold in certain directions. However, you will need to share the voice with many others in the group.

Dream About Applauding Yourself

To applaud yourself in the dream, reflect self-centered and naive belief that others are impressed. It could also suggest that you need to give yourself a pat on the back, and motivate yourself to push further. Maybe you do not have fans nor get the recognition that you believe you deserve, but you need to be your biggest audience first before you could influence and provide values to others.

Dream About Hearing Claps

Hearing clapping sounds in the dream, implies that there is something that you need to pay close attention to. Someone in waking life wants you to notice something and agree with him.

Dream About Clapping Your Hands

Clapping your hands without being an applause, means that you are the one seeking attention. You want others to focus on you. You feel ignored and you want to shift other people’s focus to what you have to express.

Dream About No Applause

Dream about silence and lack of applause after your performance, foretells that there is a lot of work ahead. You are not ready to present yourself in front of the crowd yet. You do not have the confidence that you will be a success. It could also present a fear that no one will appreciate your hard work and performance.

Dream About Playing Applause Sound Effects in Background

To simply hearing applause sound effects without people present, symbolizes a narcissistic view of your accomplishments. You are viewing your work being impressive and important more than it is.

Dream About Untimely Applause

Hearing or doing untimely applause, points to warning about slander and betrayal. You will have annoyance caused by people’s untimely comments and appearances. Someone is going to interrupt you and take away your time at the spotlight.

Dream About Unenthusiastic Scattered Applause

To dream about scattered applause that is unenthusiastic, indicates an underwhelming sense of approval. People are not taking your thoughts and actions seriously, they simply want to move on to the next thing or project. Your big ideas will likely to be ignored and overlooked.

Dream About Applauding Someone

Applauding someone in the dream, indicates that you will be entertained and pleased by certain performers. You will exhibit your approval through funding, donating, or tipping for their causes and performances.

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