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Acorn in dreams symbolizes strength and durability will result in pleasant things ahead. It usually has connotations to hard work and fortune as a result of those hardwork. Below we will note some of the more common acorn related dreams.

Dream About Picking Up Acorns from the Ground
The dream signifies that seemingly small and minor goals will have the greatest potential for growth. Do not overlook small details and think that they are not important.

Dream About Amassing Acorns
Dreaming about hoarding many acorns foretells that you will have a long and satisfying life primarily because of your good life choices.

Dream About Eating or Cooking with Acorns
If you are eating acorns or using acorns as an ingredient, suggest that you will rise up and be in a position of ease and pleasure. However, you will most likely enjoy your success after long and hard work.

Dream About Shaking Acorns from a tree
Shaking an Acorn Tree suggest that you have significant influence on others and can quickly achieve the results from pressuring your peers.

Dream About Green Acorn
If the Acorn in the dream is not ready to be eaten or green, it represents bad news or defamation.

Dream About Cracking Acorns
To crack open acorns in dreams means that you are entering a new phase in life.


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