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Dream Interpretation Answers

What is a meaning of a dream?

Dreams are made of a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during rem sleep. If you wonder what your dreams actually mean when you have recurring dreams about someone or something, dreams are reflections of your aspirations, ideals, purpose, desires, and fears. In a good dream, your subconscious is indulging in certain fantasies that are greatly desired. In a nightmare, your mind is practicing through a vision of bad case scenarios.

Certain signs of dreams have universal symbols that might not be apparent or straightforward. More often than not, dream interpretation foretells a “possibility” of a future that you must prepare for. It does not mean that your desires, worries, and fears will always come true. You need to heed their warnings and make proper choices in waking life. Your goal is to make good dreams coming true. Avoid bad dreams from realizing.

It is not true that if you dream of someone, they dream of you. It relates more towards your personal desire for a deeper connection or relationship with that person. Always focus on the idea of self-discovery and realization while analyzing your dreams. Dreams are a uniquely personal manifestation of the psyche and ego.

In Christian or biblical dream interpretation analysis, dreams can have more than one meaning. In fact, there are multiple dream meanings. Relate your personal recurring or unique dream to the Bible. And you can find how it applies to your faith for the best understanding. Use the dream dictionary a to z to get started.

Why Dream Interpretation?

Dreams about powerful subconscious events to help you better understand your own emotions. Your mind is always working and sorting out information to come up with solutions. A series of events and images that happen in your mind when you are sleeping. Your amazing brain processes information through visual imagery to form hidden connections.

By understanding and interpreting your dreams, you can better understand yourself to make sense of any strange or not likely events. In a sense, you have the power to realize your true potential and make your dream come true through proper guidance. You can improve your waking life beyond your wildest dreams.

In a good dream, you form yourself through ambition, aspiration, and good intentions. In a bad dream or nightmare, you lose yourself through missing aims and objectives. Your desires in waking life backfire and force you to admit defeat. Dreams are really the way that your body and mind reconcile the perfect balance of force.

Can your dreams be trying to tell you something?
Yes, your dreams are always trying to tell some truth. They are a reflection or process of your mental and subconscious state. They reflect feelings that you do not recognize or have compartmentalized. Never brush off your dreams as a one-off event. Consider them as a series and collections of emotions that lead to the imageries and pictures.

Do dreams come true if you remember them?
Dreams do not necessarily come true when you remember them. You increase the chances and odds of them coming true. By remembering your dreams, you reaffirm your emotions and align your waking life actions with the internal feelings. This suggests that you definitely want to remember and act out on those scenarios if you have good or positive dreams. The reverse is true; if you have certain bad dreams or thoughts, you wish to forget about them, so you do not accidentally sabotage yourself.

How to Interpret Your Dreams

Generally speaking, your dreams are a hybrid product of highly personal and private experiences. Always prioritize your true feelings and reactions about the subjects. Do not simply rely on the dream dictionary definitions. For example, a cat may have completely different interpretations. Think about people who are cat lovers or allergic to cats.

According to many published sources, our dream analysts and interpreters at use the generally accepted symbols and interpretations. To figure out “how do I interpret my dream?” you will need to conduct your own study and research to understand truly. Below we will describe some of our dream analysis processes.

Different Types of Dreams

As a dream analyst, your first task to understanding your dreams is to figure out how they relate to your waking life. Use your personal experiences and emotions to get a personalized interpretation. Then utilize common dream symbols that can serve to guide you. It is important to use dream journaling to discover a pattern to the language of dreams. There are three main types of dreams.

Premonition Dreams:
The premonition dreams foretell a possibility of a future. Your future is not set in stone. However, these types of dreams unveil a potential future if you follow your path in real life. Use them as either motivation or warning before making important decisions.

Emotional Dreams:
The emotional dreams mirror your waking life emotions. They reflect strong desires such as fear, sex, love, happiness, and more. They relate to certain emotional desires that you lack or mental hardships that you wish to avoid. These types of dreams relate to the current waking life that you are experiencing.

Memory Dreams:
The memories that appear in dreams are your psyche replaying the lessons or memories of your past. Perhaps your mind is reminding you of the good times in the past. Or they are a warning sign to guide you in the right direction.

Dreaming About People, Animals, or Objects

To find the answers to your dreams, consider all the dream symbols that appear. They almost always reflect certain individuals or hint at certain events in waking life. Your brain creates unconscious connections between different items. Dreams act as the bridge or door into a glimpse of your subconscious. Use them to analyze how you truly feel about certain individuals or circumstances in your life.

Your Own Actions Within the Dream

Lastly, think about what you are doing or what is happening to you in the dream. Your psyche is doing self-reflection about your own waking life actions. For example, a dream of falling suggests that you may feel powerless in waking life. You are falling into a rut that you cannot get out of. Use your actions to find your personal dream interpretation answers.

Can a Dream Kill You?
Generally, dying in dreams will not kill you, however, if you have other underlying health conditions like heart or breathing problems. Nightmares can induce heart attacks.

What happens if you die in your dream and don’t wake up?
If you do not wake up immediately after death in your dream, it is a sign that you will need to learn about certain mistakes. The dream world is hinting that you are undergoing certain changes or transformations. You have second chances at something. If you feel yourself leaving the body, you will need to look at the situation from other perspectives.

Why, when you die in a dream, you wake up?
Dying is a stressful mental state that generally interrupts your sleep cycle. It will raise your heart rate and experience an adrenaline rush from either fear or perceived pain. These dreams are generally more memorable because of the intense feelings that you encounter.

How long does a dream last in real-time?
The length of a dream varies by person and by the dream. In real-time, they could last as little as a few seconds or 20~30 minutes. However, the dream time that you experience can be as long as months or years. Time flows differently in the dream world than in real-time.

12 Common Dreams and What They Mean

These most common dreams reveal your unconscious desires and wishes. Let’s take a closer look at what these common dream themes and symbols really mean.

Evaluations like Test at School, or Interview for a New Job
The dream reveals an underlying fear of failure. You are going through certain stressful experiences where you are being evaluated. Deep down, you feel unprepared for the challenges of waking life.

Cheating and Affairs
Cheatings and having affairs in the sex dreams point to certain problems in your waking life relationship. It warns about issues with trust, loyalty, and communication. One of you isn’t getting what you need from the relationship.

Famous People
Seeing and spending time with famous people in the dream; suggests that you want those people’s character in your waking life. You wish to be recognized.

Running Late
Being late in the dream suggests that you have a certain deadline in waking life.

Pregnancy in the Dream
Being pregnant suggests that you are developing in some area in real life. It can relate to a new relationship, a project, or a hobby.

Naked in Public
Being naked in public points to inadequacy in daily life. You feel like a phony. You are afraid to reveal your imperfections and shortcomings. Be aware of vulnerability and exposure.

Being Chased
Being chased in the dream points to past and current trauma. You are hiding from certain emotions like anger or passion. Consider the dream symbols for what is chasing you. It could also relate to certain people, addiction, or debts.

Teeth Falling Out
Dreaming about losing teeth can relate to losing power. You are losing the ability in real life to bite through and assert yourself. Perhaps you are concerned about your strength and ability. Certain transitions are taking place that make you wonder about your own competence.

Becoming Powerful
Becoming powerful in the dream world can point to opposite effects in the real world. Your mind is compensating you for being powerless while awake.

Meeting Dead People
To see yourself meeting deceased relatives in the dream showcases the healing power of the mind. You are taking comfort in spending time with loved ones in the dream world. You are closing up certain unfinished business.

Dying in the dream points to distressing experiences that will soon end. Your mind is processing the inevitable passage of time. Dying can either predict or really draw out your fear of failure and missing out.

Flying in the dream suggests that you are expressing freedom from all restraints. You are getting positive feelings of pleasure and breaking away from social norms. Exciting and liberating times will soon come. You have a strong desire to flee or escape from the realities of life.

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