Personalized Dream Interpretation Request By Susan 3-13-21

I was in the village at my grandmother`s house and went to the Bedroom we used to sleep in when we were young. my younger sister was sleeping and on the bed side I saw a small coffin and inside the coffin was our neighbour who was living in the city. she had just been buried about a week ago. Then one of my uncles came to the house and insisted that he wanted to clean my grand mother`s house and wanted to start with that bedroom. I was hesitant to let him in but he insisted. when he got in he went straight and touched the coffin. the coffin fell on the bed my younger sister was sleeping on and it started moving on the bed. Then I woke up.

Dream Interpretation by Best Dream Meaning

Dear Susan:

The dream suggests that you are dealing with uncomfortable family issues. Perhaps they are issues that relate to both personal belongings or assets. Think about the connection between your uncle, the bedroom, the coffin, funeral, and the bed.

The dream indicates that your family members have trespassed certain boundaries. And you feel violated about certain decisions, comments, or actions by them.

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