Personalized Dream Interpretation Request By Melonie 3-13-21

I dreamt that I was in San Fernando by the La Romain stand and I think that I was with my sister but she had gotten a car and left already, and I had remained back. And while waiting I saw him pulled up on the stand and he came out of his car looking for passengers as usual and while he was doing that he was in conversation with other taxi drivers. I think that I saw my cousin Damien on the stand too. And while I was standing there Andre was having an on-spot meeting about something on a plaque. And then he saw me waiting, and then for some odd reason his number plate on his vehicle was missing and I had put back the missing piece on his number plate. And then while I was standing there he was talking to my cousin, and I saw a dog I think it was a white dog that was bothering me, and I was constantly running the dog until he saw how miserable I was with the dog and he told me the dog bothering you. And then my cousin Damien asked him if he was coming to class tonight and he said yes.Then the dream mood switched and I saw that it was night and like if I was Pleasantville in the garage and I was getting ready for dance class and a few people had reached already, and I think I saw my uncle and my cousins and then he pulled up out of the blue and I was really shocked, and he came inside and started to trouble me about the dog, calling me ‘dizzy’ and then we started talking and then I know my arms were around him, and we were all over each other, holding hands and talking and then he was telling me about some food drive that it had for somebody and they wanted volunteers. The food drive was on a Friday and it seems to be really far, and I had asked him how I was reaching there and he said he would take me there. I think I saw Christon in the dream for a split second, because I was confirming with him about the food drive. 

Dream Interpretation by Best Dream Meaning

Dear Melonie:

This dream is full of people and symbols! Think about all the relationships that you have with the different individuals that appear in the dream. You are dealing with commitment and promises between your family and friends. However, you suspect that some people are not telling you the whole story. You do not exactly know if you are needed.

Take into consideration of the dance class or the food drive volunteer. You are being asked to do what makes you happy, versus what is better for the greater good. The dream foretells that you will soon make some tough decisions because your time and energy are limited.

Focus on your relationship as that appears to be the most important factor for you.

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