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Did you dream about shoes? Seeing shoes in your dreams can be pretty common. This complete dream interpretation guide discussing the significance of shoes. We will note how to interpret wearing shoes and how they can relate to you in waking life. Different shoes can serve different meanings depending on the context. Shoes in dreams indicate your approach to life and the directions that you may be heading. Learn how to interpret all the dream scenarios here with shoes, including color, action, and types.

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Positive Dreams About Wearing Shoes

Generally, shoes in dreams indicate your approach to life and the directions that you may be heading. The shoe dream can relate to plans and paths. In some cases, they can represent your perspective and attitude to tackle upcoming obstacles.

Left Shoe represents your feminine approach to life. Right shoe represent your masculine approach to problems.

What does it mean to be barefoot and not wearing shoes?
Being without shoes or barefooted can generally indicate low self-esteem or lack of confidence. Except dreaming in a playful setting, then being barefoot can suggest playful attitudes and carefree emotions.

Putting on Shoes

What is the meaning of putting on shoes?
If the dream about shoes focuses on putting them on or tying shoelaces, the dream action represents your convictions and beliefs. You are ready to embark on a new journey and chapter of life.

What does changing into different shoes mean?
To remove and put on different sets of shoes in the dream refers to your changing roles. Perhaps you are taking different roles at work or picking up new responsibilities at home. If you are actually wearing or trying to wear someone else’s shoes, the dream means that you may be trying to fit into their role.

Good Fits

What does it mean to dream about your favorite shoe?
Dream about putting on your favorite shoe indicates that you have come to terms with who you are.

What does it mean to wear the correct shoes for the occasion?
Wearing the right shoes in your dream indicates that you are well-grounded and down to earth. However, it may also suggest the near-term future may consist of small bumps and obstacles. You are prepared and ready to take on those small setbacks.

What is the meaning of comfortable and fitting shoes?
Dreams that are comfortable or fitting shoes in dreams indicate that you are happy and content with your environment. You feel that you are on track to achieve your goals without feeling pressured.

Negative Dreams About Wearing Shoes

Bad Fits

What does it mean if the shoes are too big?
Dreaming of shoes that are too big; suggests that you may find yourself inadequate in fitting into the previous person’s role. Perhaps you have been promoted or taken on a new job but find yourself unable to handle the new tasks.

What does it mean if the shoes are too small?
The dream indicates that you are forcing your perspective into others. It may be a sign that you need to step back and find a different perspective or position.

What is the meaning of wet or uncomfortable shoes?
Dreams of putting on wet or uncomfortable shoes suggest that you refuse to conform to some idea or attitude. Or those very ideas make you feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. If your feet or ankles are hurting in the dream from the shoes, it means that you are questioning and doubting your goals and directions. You are refusing to address certain issues and ideas and trying to push through.

Inappropriate Shoes

What does mismatching shoes mean?
Dream about wearing mismatched shoes or different shoes in dreams implies that you are rushing into things. You are approaching them too hurriedly or sloppily. As a result, things will not turn out the way you have envisioned because of sloppy planning.

What is the meaning of wearing inappropriate or odd shoes in dreams?
To dream that you are wearing odd or inappropriate shoes for the occasion; indicates that you are heading in the wrong direction. Reevaluate your goals and rethink how you approach your problems. If not, your progress in life will be long, hard, and laborious.

What does wearing shoes on the wrong foot mean?
Dreaming about shoes on the wrong feet or becoming untied indicates that you have lost balance in life. Your lack of balance can lead to catastrophic results if you continue on your journey.

Dream About Getting Shoes

What does shoe shopping mean?
To dream about shopping for shoes, buying a shoe’s dream meaning indicates that you desire to travel abroad or experience foreign places or items. Take into consideration your final decision with the window shopping. They offer important insight into how you truly feel. If you are indecisive in the dream and end up not buying, it indicates you may back off from upcoming travel plans.

What does it mean to buy new shoes?
To buy new sets of shoes within a dream; indicates that you are picking up important work skills that can lead to future success.

What does it mean to gift people shoes?
Giving shoes away as a gift in dreams relates to your expectation of that specific person. You want the person receiving the shoe gifts to walk a certain path.

What does it mean when someone gives you shoes in a dream?
The interpretation is reversed If someone gifts you shoes in the dream, and you are receiving shoes as gifts in the dream. Receiving shoes yourself relates to the expectation of that person towards you. Consider the type of shoes as a gift to get a more detailed interpretation.

Dream About Other Shoes Interactions

What does washing or cleaning shoes mean?
The dream indicates that you will get in touch with some old friends. You will reconnect with people that you have met in the past.

What does carrying shoes in a bag mean?
Carrying your shoes or putting them in baggage in the dream instead of wearing them; indicates that you are open and vulnerable about your convictions.

How to interpret dreams about shoe fixing or repairing?
Fixing shoes suggest that you are in the process of picking up a goal that you have given up on. Consider keeping pushing to accomplish what you have started but never finished.

How to interpret the dream of shoe biting or eating?
Biting or Eating Shoes in the dream suggests that you have a huge desire and void to fulfill. You feel a lack of confidence and want to fulfill that with traveling. However, you can interpret such a desire as simply running away from your issues. Perhaps you need to tackle problems that have been bothering you.

What does packing shoes into a storage box mean?
Packing shoes into shoe boxes or storage implies that you are putting or withholding your travel plans. Perhaps something is stopping you from your travels or experiencing a new journey or path.

What does it mean if you have many shoes in the dream?
Digging through many shoes, or possessing many shoes in the dream, indicates good wealth and opportunities abound. However, the abundant opportunities also lead to a lack of decisiveness. You have little clue about what you really want or what your future holds.

Dream About Getting Rid of Shoes

What does it mean to sell shoes?
Selling shoes in the dream suggests that you are teaching valuable skills to someone else. He or she can walk their own path and stand on their own in the future.

What is the meaning of throwing shoes?
If you are throwing shoes at someone in the dream, you do not want responsibilities or anything to do with the person. You refuse to let someone determine your personal path.

What does setting shoes on fire mean in a dream?
To destroy or burn shoes on fire that you own in the dream; indicates that you are sabotaging your own hopes and dreams somehow. You are doing it violently and irreversibly.

Dream About Different Conditions of Shoes

Positive Conditions

What is the meaning of new shoes?
New shoes dream meaning suggests that you are successful in a new life path that you have chosen. If the new shoe feels uncomfortable in the dream, it indicates that you are overconfident in your newfound success.

What do expensive shoes mean in dreams?
Expensive shoes, in general, relate to expensive hobbies that you may possess. These expensive hobbies can give you short-term satisfaction.

Negative Conditions

What do old and worn shoes mean?
Seeing old and worn shoes in your dream indicates that hard work and diligence are near work.

What is the meaning of ripped shoes?
If the dream shoes are ripped, falling apart, and breaking into pieces; The broken shoe dream meaning suggests the people or things you rely on are in danger of failing. Look around your life to see if you need to maintain or fix anything broken or torn.

If the torn shoes dream meaning is a high heel shoe, it indicates that there is certain sexual trouble in your life.

What do dirty shoes mean?
Dusty or slightly dirty shoes in the dream indicate that you have become lazy with your work ethic or habit. You are treating everything lightly with other areas of your life. Perhaps you have been slacking off at work or have not exercised in a long time. Very dirty or shoes completely covered in mud suggest that you have gone through tough times.

What do shoes with holes mean in dreams?
Having holes in your shoes in your dream indicates that there is a game-breaking weakness in your personality. These weaknesses can stop you from achieving your goals at critical times.

What does it mean to dream about shoes with sand?
Walking with sand in shoes in the dream; implies that there is a minor inconvenience with your task that only you know. You may have to slow down and clear those annoying issues and be on your journey again.

Dream About Missing or Lost Shoes

What does it mean to dream about forgetting your shoes?
If you forget your shoes, then it suggests that you are leaving behind your inhibitions or future travel plans. Perhaps you have really wanted to travel to a foreign country but have had to cancel the plan.

I lost my Shoes in my dream; what does it mean?
The dream of losing a single shoe while walking in the dream; indicates that you miss your situation’s right attitude or approach. Your perspective may be missing a crucial part that can lead to your success. If you are trying to find that one single lost matching shoe; it suggests that you are trying to find a significant other who share your attitude and approaches.

Dreaming about you cannot find shoes that are lost forever; The lost shoe dream meaning suggests that you are searching for your identity and finding yourself.

What does finding missing shoes in dreams mean?
Dreaming about shoes missing indicates that you have regained your foothold in life. You are back on the right path again.

What does it mean to dream about someone stealing your shoes?
If someone steals your shoes in the dream, it implies that someone might be sabotaging you at work. The stolen shoe dream meaning can represent a loss of opportunity. However, be aware if you are the one stealing shoes. You might be taking advantage of others at work.

Dream About Different Colors of Shoe

Different colored shoes can have different interpretations. Always take into the context of the shoes. You can get a clearer read combining the color of the shoes in dreams. Below is a general breakdown of the colors and shoes. This breakdown includes wearing black shoes with dream meaning.

Shoe ColorDream Meanings
Black ShoesYou will go to a ceremony of some sort in the near future.
Blue ShoesBe honest with your endeavors.
Brown ShoesDown to earth, or the path that you have traveled while being practical about the past.
Green ShoesGrowth and fertility in your future path.
Gray ShoesYou will be isolated and alone while walking your path.
Red ShoesYou are passionate and perhaps impulsive sometimes towards your goals.
Orange ShoesOutgoing nature, you will gather many friends along your journey of life.
Pink ShoesYou will experience love and affection in the near future.
Purple ShoesYou will gain royalty and wealth with your projects and tasks at hand.
Silver ShoesYou will be faced with a difficult decision, you must choose wisely and be fair to all the people involved.
Yellow ShoesPath to wisdom. Perhaps you are studying for something valuable for your school or work.
White ShoesInnocence and purity. Seeing or wearing white shoes in the dreams can hint that your current environment can take away that innocence.
Shiny ShoesYou will be recognized for your achievements. You are planning to perform or exhibit some of your work.

Dream About Different Shoe Materials

What does Glass Shoes mean in dream?
Glass shoes symbolize some forms of transformation. You are clear and open to change; however, you may also appear fragile during this transition of life.

What do dreams about golden shoes mean?
Gold shoes in dreams indicate wealth and prosperity. However, it may focus more on how you want others to perceive you. Perhaps you desire to show off how well off you are or the money you have accumulated.

What do leather shoes mean?
Leather shoes suggested that people will shield and protect you from harm. You will soon resolve the issues within your family.

What do wooden shoes mean?
Wooden shoes indicate that you will feel alone in your journey of life. You are unwilling to negotiate and be flexible.

What are the meanings of Rubber shoes?
Rubber shoes in dreams represent a slippery path ahead. Tread carefully and slowly to avoid pitfalls.

Dream About Different Occasion and Purpose of Shoes

Seeing any shoe types in the dream can relate to how you approach certain specs of life. Take into consideration the context and the general function of the shoes to help you interpret. Below are some common kinds of shoes that you can observe within dreams.

What are the meanings of high heels?
High heel shoes refer to sexuality or romantic experiences and relationship. It foretells some party where you will meet the opposite sex.

What are the meanings of Wedding Shoes?
Wedding shoes symbolizes long-term commitment. You might be entering into something long and have to commit to it.

Casual Wears

What do Flat Shoes and Thins Shoes suggest?
Wearing flat or thin shoes suggest that you will soon feel the small inconveniences of life. Yet, the small bumps will most likely not hinder your major milestones.

What are the meanings of baby shoes?
Baby shoes in your dream symbolize purity, innocence, vulnerability, tenderness, and the desire for love. Someone that you know in life may get pregnant soon.

What are the meanings of slippers and sandals?
Dreaming of slippers and sandals is a clue that you need to relax from work. It is time to take some time off and go on a vacation.

Athletic Shoes

What are the meanings of tennis shoes?
Dreaming about tennis shoes or other sports-related shoes represents that you will compete against others for your goals.

What do platform shoes mean in dreams?
Dreams of platform shoes suggest that you feel unconfident about your personal worth. You are looking towards outward appearances to make you feel safer and more secure.

How to interpret running shoes in dreams?
Running shoes indicates that you are ready to sprint and reach your final goal. You are getting set for the race.

Performance Shoes

What is the meaning of Clown Shoes?
Dreaming of clown shoes is a reminder that you should take things less seriously with your approach.

What do Tap Shoes, Ballet Shoe, or Other Dance Shoes mean in dreams?
Wearing any dance-oriented shoes suggests that you need to find the tempo and rhythm in life. Fall into the regular beat of your journey and take it easy. If you perform in dancing shoes, the dream suggests that you are ready to take the stage and become the center of attention.

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