Raccoon Dream Meaning – Top 14 Dreams About Raccoon

Did you dream about raccoons? Raccoon in your dreams signifies deceit and thievery. When you see raccoons in the dream, someone close to you may be hiding important facts from your knowledge. However, this may not be completely bad. They might be lying simply because they want to achieve their goals and survive. Below we will go over more common raccoon-related dream interpretations.

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Dream About Raccoon Actions

Actions Towards You

Dream About Raccoon Attacking Me
Dreaming about raccoon attacking or scratching, you suggest that you are not honest in some situations. And the dream portends that you will be found out, and your lies will backfire on you.

Dream About Raccoon Chasing
Dreams of raccoon chasing after you; suggest that some of the lies you have told have come to haunt you. Perhaps you have conducted some form of trickery out of necessity and desperation. And now you have to have ways to unwind your deceit when they have come into the light.

General Actions

Dream About Raccoon Hiding
Dreaming about raccoons hiding in bushes or even your backyard; foretells that your managers will pass you up for the jobs or position you have had your eye on. You will encounter a situation where you have worked hard for many years. But you are unable to get the promotion that you deserve. However, you may be overlooking important facts yourself about why your bosses or managers are not promoting you. So do not believe that you are being deceived.

Dream About Raccoons Digging Out Trash
To dream about raccoons digging out from trash suggests that there will be major life-sustaining obstacles to your success. You will sustain hardship for the time being. You will be able to overcome all the barriers if you do not give up. Be consistent and survive.

Dream About Raccoon Bite
Raccoons biting you suggests that you will flip your state of mind and privacy shortly. People will reveal your secrets that you thought were safe, and that will damage your private life. Consider the body parts where the raccoon bites you to get some clues.

Dream About Appearances of Raccoons

Dream About Dead Raccoon
Dreaming about dead raccoons suggests that you will find ways to cover your previous tracks and deceits. However, the action taken is usually negative. Perhaps you are using a bigger lie or taking drastic actions to cover your tracks.

Dream About Raccoons

Dream About Baby Raccoon
Baby raccoons in the dream point to some form of secret relationship status such as elope or affair.

Dream About Pet Raccoon
Seeing a pet raccoon in the dream is a favorable sign. You will achieve success and land on profitable projects in your business life. The dream foretells that you start pet projects that will chip away at your competitor’s profit margin with a little cleverness.

Dream About Rabid Raccoon
Dreams of rabid raccoons suggest that you will be losing control of your posture and image. Perhaps you have put up a certain image in the past that is not your true self. You do so to get certain honors and respect. However, you seem to be losing your ability to keep up the facade.

Dream About Wild Raccoon
Wild raccoons in the dreams point to a certain salesperson shortly. Salespeople will sell you products that you do not exactly need.

Dream About Actions Towards Raccoons

Dream About Killing Raccoon
Killing raccoons with guns or other weapons in the dream foretells that you will discover deceit and trickery in your inner circle in the future. The dream forebodes that you may take extreme actions at the discovery of such trickery and unfaithfulness. You will feel massive rage from others betraying you.

Dream about Feeding Raccoon or Friendly Raccoon
Dreaming about feeding raccoons suggests that you will enter some mutually beneficial relationship with a business or academic competitor. Doing so can propel your own personal agenda and goals.

Other Raccoon Related Dreams

Dream About Raccoon in House
To have raccoons inside your house within the dream; suggest that certain family members keep secrets that they do not want you to know. Consider the location of the rooms to get better ideas such as a bedroom or bathroom.

Dream About Raccoon Family
Seeing raccoon families in the dream suggests that people will finally appreciate you for your hard efforts. You have worked hard to provide and protect your family at all costs. And people will acknowledge and award your endeavors.

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