Dog Size and Color Dream Meaning – Top 5 Common Dreams

Did you dream about a specific size and color of dog? They could offer valuable insights. When you have dogs in your dream, its interpretation should almost always be based on how your mind perceives the dogs in terms of the breed. If you know the natural characteristics of certain dogs’ breeds, that knowledge will almost always override the generally accepted dream symbols. Dig deeper into how to interpret such dreams here now.

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It is when dogs’ size and colors are out of the ordinary that can give you vital clues and hidden meanings behind them.

In this guide, we will talk about how the sizes and colors of dog which are generally interpreted as in your dream.

Now, if you are dreaming that you “are” the dog, you will generally have those symbols and attributes attached to you. For example, if you dream that you are the Big Purple Dog, it means that you are the most powerful and wealthy “top dog” among your friends.

Dog Sizes in Dreams
Dog Colors in Dreams

Dream About Different Dog Sizes

Dream About Big Dog
If you dream about a Big Dog, it generally represents that you have powerful friends with you.

Dream About Small Dog
For a small dog in dreams, it refers to that your ideas or actions are compromising your moral integrity.

Dream About Medium Sized Dog
A medium-sized dog may mean a couple of things:
1- Forgotten skills.
2- Trusted people in your life.

Dream About Specific Colored Dogs

The most common appearances are black and white dogs in terms of having different colored dogs in your dreams. You may also dream about other odd-colored dogs, which can have various dream interpretations.

In some cases, the colors mean less if they are the common color of specific dog breeds in dreams. For example, West Highland White Terrier and poodle are commonly white. So you can view the “white” dog symbol as weaker than a less common combination such as a “white” golden retriever.

You may also consider checking out color dream symbols for more potential dog color dream combinations.

Black Dog

The colored dog in black is a generally negative dream symbol. They can mean any of the following, depending on your real-life situations. If you dream about more than 1 black dog, it means that there are plurals of persons or friends that you may be dreaming about.

1. The shadowy or disloyalty aspect of a friend. The dark side of someone close to you is being revealed, and you can see through to their true intentions.

2. Symbolize your fear and anxiety over your friend’s safety. It can mean that they are about to do something dangerous, and you are feeling afraid for them.

3. The “Black Angus” is a mythological black dog in Irish and British folk tales. It symbolizes that death is coming.

4. The black dog can mean that you are mourning over the betrayal, or mourning over a lost or unfaithful lover.

5. Black Dog can mean unconscious hidden desires.

White Dogs

To see a white-colored dog in your dream indicates that the intentions of a friend are pure and true.

If you dream of a friendly white dog approaching you, your friends and people you trust will help your engagement, whether in business or love.

In some dream cases, the white dog can also be a reflection of your inner self.

Other Colors

Yellow Dog
If the dog dream is a pleasant one, then the yellow dog means energy in the dream. However, if it is an unpleasant situation, your close friends may betray you.

Blue Dog
Blue dogs in dreams symbolize that your loyal friends have been true to you. Find clues in your daily life and be open to your close ones.

Red Dog
You are dreaming about a faithful friend who adventures with you in violent times.

Purple Dog
Purple dogs in dreams symbolize your wealthy friends.

Mythological Breeds
Sirius, Orion, the hunter’s faithful dog who is so important in Greek mythology that he has his own constellation

Anubis, Egyptian mythology’s god of the Underworld, who is picture with a jackal’s head.

Fu Dogs, China’s part dragon, part lion guardian dogs whose statues are often found guarding temples.

The “Black Dog” known as “Black Angus” who, according to Irish and British folk tales, visits one just before death.

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